Sunday, 1 March 2009

What the F?

 I have a weird fascination (there I did it again...) with the letter F
Not consciously, I'm not that strange, but I do keep coming back to it. I am in the midst of trying to figure out a new title for the looming magazine, and all the words flying around in my brain at the moment begin with F.
Frolics, is the one currently being thrown around, which brought back me to a random phrase that I drew and illustrated, "Can there be frolics without the fun?" Which took me back further to my original idea for the magazine... yes, F.
I was going to call the magazine F*Fashion. Everything in the magazine would stem from F, it was all very exciting-F is a good letter! (Note fashion and feminism) The F would simply be a letter, or the obvious other- 'Fuck'. Yeah, a year ago I actually found this cool. Ok, honestly I don't actually hate it now. It meets my thoughts of not taking fashion seriously, it's style that I am inspired by anyway!
When I first pitched the idea to my tutors for the project, Hywel & Iain (R. Webb!!!) I was met with a such a reaction that made me think that the idea was absolutely awful so quickly forgot about it. A little while later, when our class was all together- which is a rarity in the final year, I realised another girl had the similar idea, but pitched it as a fashion dictionary. That must have been the reason for the tutors' horror after all! sigh... what could have been! The other girl is starting at the beginning of the alphabet with  A, it's a shame that F won't get its deserving chance in the fashion spotlight! :)

Well that was rather self indulgent!

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