Sunday, 1 March 2009

Delving into the Archives!

The previous post got me digging round to find my original sketch book for this magazine project from a year or so ago. As I may have mentioned on regular reader and commenter, David Abstract's blog, I have an interest in psychology and why people make certain decisions. 

Enrolling on a fashion degree such as mine: Fashion Promotion with Communication- and with it being at Central St. Martins, a uni (or art college!) famous for allowing students creative freedom, I have been able to bring my personal interests into the mix and interpret them within fashion. 

I have always had a curiosity of what thought process goes on when people get dressed each day. Each item we pull on goes for a reason... Is it colour orientated? Black to look smart? Yellow because it's sunny? Because its new? Or it's so old you forgot you had it? Because it's raining? Because he likes you in that top? Because you feel comfortable/sexy/confident/cool in that certain thing? Because it has memories attached? Or just because it was clean?

Who made up fashion rules? Why do some people abide by them religiously? Why is it so fun to break them?
I'm thinking of doing a photo shoot which focuses on breaking every typical fashion rule... Navy and Black... Double Denim... Socks and Sandals anyone!!??

I am very aware that these illustrations are terrible, do not judge me :)


  1. I shudder to think of all the times I've worn Navy and Black together, or worn a denim jacket with jeans...

    Most of the time it's because it was clean and comfortable, I've long since given up hope that clothes will make me sexy :(

    Aww, I like your drawings, they have a childlike charm ;-)

  2. Clothes don't make anyone sexy, it's how you wear them that counts! :)

    I really like navy and black together and wear it regularly, I actually only heard of its connotations when I was working in retail a couple years ago. Double denim? yeah, no, no, no, you don't wanna do that! Not that I think anyone should dictate fashion rules... but please no. For your own good!! =)

    I will do some research for the shoot Jon, I think this one will be best suited to a studio location.