Sunday, 8 March 2009

I don't drink T

Actually a true, but rather random fact. Here is the point of my pathetic play on words ( I love alliteration!)... so far, so-so..

edit: the image doesn't click to enlarge so:

Coolly defying the fashionable trend of what’s hot or not each season, the t-shirt is the ubiquitous garment that is only second to a pair of jeans in terms of classic wardrobe staple.

Whatever we happen to wear feeds those looking information about ourselves, information that can easily be misconstrued in the cultural stream of ideas. T-shirts became a symbol of rebellious youth in the 1950s, inspired by the on-screen presence of Marlon Brando and the original rebel without a cause, James Dean. A plain white design was then very much a male item and enough to signal a rock ‘n’ roll sex appeal. In the years that followed, the white tee gave way to the printed tee to provide a non-verbal but powerful opinion on everything from the wearer’s musical tastes to sense of humour. One of the most prevalent t-shirt trends that still demand attention today is that of the provocative variety.

And also considering the magazine title... how does this (very rough) possibility grab you?


  1. How about "Dare to Know" ?
    as in - dare to understand the uncomfortable truth that underlies the place of women in fashion and culture today?

    Also - what's wrong with tea? I hope you drink coffee or you'll find the process of socialisation in Britain very difficult indeed - reciprocal exchange of hot beverages is the whole basis of English relationship forming!

    Two things I've spotted this evening
    Point of View on Raunch

    and the Fawcett Society will sell you a t-shirt with "This is what a feminist looks like..." written on it - perhaps useful for a photo shoot?

  2. On the few occasions that I consume tea it is via the medium of biscuit. I started drinking coffee around the same time I began this project, a mere couple months ago! I am very aware of the english bonding rituals a cup of tea/coffee can bring, and when I have time for a real life will flaunt my new found admiration for the coffee bean, and bond. Bond sillily.

    I have to get to uni now, will check those links later, thanks!

  3. Hey, ive just stumbled upon your blog and im so intrigued by everything here. I am hoping to study fashion in london (st. martins would be amazing) after i finish uni in scotland. what course exactly do you do? You are starting your own magazine? That sounds amazing. Do you need a lot of money and sponsors behind you to start it? I really would love to find out more. Sorry if I'm hassling you. If you have the time I would love if you could drop me an email or whatever.

    Please come visit me at Vintage Tea!