Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Sneaky Peek...

At the unholy time of 11am on a Sunday, I was across London in Old Street. (yeah, I'm not a morning person...) My assistant on the magazine, Sandy, and I had an appointment with Fanny, from Fanny and the Cave. I dare that name not tickle you! Fanny and the Cave is a fashion showroom with a host of unusual vintage treasures. Sandy and I delved around to find key pieces for the "Rescue Yourself Riding a White Horse" shoot. Sadly we are no closer to finding a white horse... Although we did find these gems among others. Above is a vintage piece that screamed Disney Princess at me...

Christian Lacroix red waistcoat and Frank Usher jacket. I love these pieces! The green Frank Usher jacket stole my heart when I saw Susie wearing it on Style Bubble. As reasonable as these pieces are, I saw about eight that I loved and want for the shoot, it all adds up. When we are dealing with those kind of pennies and taking into account that I haven't worked in forever and have no time to now... I'm going to have to make some heartbreaking sacrifices. .Poor me.


  1. Reeally nice blog!!


  2. Gorgeous pieces. I've just come across your blog. What is it that you do?