Monday, 23 February 2009

Just Words...

I still haven't got a title for the magazine frustratingly. My mind is whirring from so many 'still have-to-do's that I am just writing down words that grab my attention and hoping one pops out to be declared 'the perfect title'...

Heart of Glass Resisting Flourish 

Quote/Unquote Repertoire Blank  

Astound Me Necessary Evil  


So yeah, help with suggestions still needed... so do comment- even with just words you like the sound of- you can remain anonymous if you like...!


  1. You can't have Quote/Unquote - that's a program on Radio 4...

    I thought of Necessary Evil or some variant upon - Necessary Good? Vital Luxury?

    How about 38-34-41? (the average size of a UK woman?)
    in the spirit of 7:84.

    "Women wearing Clothes" and have done with it - let's face it, if Conde-Nast can market a fashion magazine called "Love" which is the single silliest name for a magazine ever I'm sure you'll be fine ;-)

    How about "alter-Fashion" as in "altermoderism"

    "Thoughts and Images"

    "Material Feminism"

    I give up - "Blank" seems appropriate...

  2. haha, all worthy suggestions my friend! I was kinda taken with Perfect Cliche but my tutor screamed at me that it was "bringing the magazine down"... I guess I have to move on and think about new names seriously eventually... well, now.

    I am wanting that one word or phrase that will make everything else become sense, I just hope I find it soon...

    Materialistic ....?

    Looking at You ....?

    Looking at me Looking at you ....?

    Profile .....?

    Facetious ....?

    Blurb .......? what a funny word!

    Fuse .......?


  3. I thought of some names on a theme of
    "Looking" - or "Gaze" basically the idea revolved around looking at models or women wearing fashions and how the clothes and gender affected how they were perceived by the person looking - or giving the viewpoint of the woman being stared at "Return Gaze" was one - I just couldn't make it snappy enough.
    I think Facetious is good.
    Bed is even better.
    Hope you had a nice Shrove Tuesday with added lemon and sugar ;-)