Friday, 20 February 2009


Lily Cole photographed by Tim Walker
I just finished a piece about Red as a symbolic colour within fashion. Its pretty short, so I am thinking of doing a 'red' shoot to give the article more weight. That and I adore red hair and will use any excuse, not that I need one, to feature red hair in the magazine! The best 'excuse' really is being able to post these incredible pictures! 

Karen Elson and Maggie Rizer photographed by Craig McDean


  1. You love red hair huh? That's why you want me in the magazine! Nothing to do with writing good stuff, you just want the byline photo!
    Ah well, take what I can get... ;-)
    I would LOVE to write something for you -
    I'm sure I could go over 500 words, but I'll try and be brief :-)

    I think I like the Lily Cole picture best - it's has a simple elegance that the others lack, with that warm and luxurious colour, the other photos are too "busy" too "crowded."

  2. Turning into a proper fashion critic aren't you! =) but yes, lily cole is wondrous...

    ha, my contributors page just wouldn't be complete without a dash of red barnet!

    Write away, i'll have to cap you at 1000 words though!

  3. I remember that Lily shoot I think.. Vogue? She is simply stunning