Thursday, 19 February 2009

Out today

And I must admit, I am so in aware of this cover! It's Beth, of course, but also the colours on this... sigh... it's absolutely stunning, my jealous meter is sky high- I want to pinch that palette!

& the Cover Girl! Could she be any more perfect?
I'm counting down to seeing the rest...


  1. I bought this magazine today - just because I've never read a fashion magazine before and I like Iggy Pop, Lilly Allen and Beth Ditto.
    It's the first time I've ever bought a magzine where the adverts outnumber the pages of content and where the pictures so vastly outnumber the words!
    It's really a different world isn't it?
    Also page 172 has a perfect Raunch culture moment - Alice Walker (no, apparently NOT THAT Alice Walker) has a piece on page 3 girls.

  2. i suppose if you're not used to the ads you would think, wtf? But I think this magazine has been so eagerly anticipated throughout fashion that the advertisers probably came crawling... Although even I felt a bit like, 'the editors page or contents must be in here somewhere...!??' I feel there's more ads here than your average fash mag... you do get a bit blah, blah blah with them after a while which makes me so bewildered as to why these companies spend such ludicrous amounts on them!

    Hope you enjoy the actual content though, the Beth Ditto article definitely provided me with some food for thought!

  3. oh, and also- I thought the page 3 girl thing could have had a bit more... 'oomph' (?) to it... perhaps a more ironic pastiche of an 80s look perhaps...? This just reminded me of a Sloggi advert... (another Raunch culture example...)

  4. agree with you about the Beth Ditto interview - but I think the time to pick at it has passed...
    more important - which side of the free poster did you hang up?
    Do you think I could get away with displaying the Hello Kitty advert? Not that I didn't like the "love" side but Hello Kitty is so cute...