Wednesday, 21 January 2009


Ahh, I have to do a shoot like this! I love the idea of it... perhaps from researching the male gaze for so long as part of my dissertation? It's too cute- oh, I definitely have to find some vintage looking cameras... hmmm....


  1. Portraits of cameras... I've thought of that.
    I like cameras as objects - I like and respond to the aesthetics of machines and built structures far more than "natural" vistas anyway, so perhaps it's just me...
    Definitely do it though, vintage cameras ++cool.

  2. thanks for the feedback! I'm definitely looking into it... Anyone in London with a cool cam, let me know!

  3. Do you like Holgas? I have a red and a black one if interested.
    Love my Holga...

  4. oh, and..:

    it's the pic I was looking for.. :)

  5. No no! there is a red one and there is a black one.. 2 Holgas!