Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Book Worm.

Does anyone know where that phrase came from? It's great, I have learned to embrace it (I've been labelled it many a time)... So, for my *magazine I would like to do a book review- old books or new books, the best ones don't age anyway! and have that featured alongside a photoshoot... (also see Kate Moss image in a previous post).

Maybe this could be a way to introduce contributors? they can share their favourite book / the current book they are reading? Perhaps not photographed naked but a mesmerizing shot, perhaps through a coffee shop window, in the park, even on the tube!? All the different places people like to read.
You can always tell when someone is engrossed in a good book because even if they are squished into a rush hour train with barely any room to move, you can see in their eyes that at least their minds are elsewhere. 


  1. I think the nude author photo shoot is an idea whose time has come.

    Imagine the front page:

    Doris Lessing talks about aging, family loyalty, gender roles, why academic feminists can fuck off, why doing interviews is taking up all her time and she can't write... all is revealed!

    The punning would be dreadful but at least the "real beauty" angle would be satisfied.
    I leave it with you...

  2. what a great photo. it totally draws you in.