Friday, 5 February 2010



Living in London I spend at least 9 months out of the year yearning for sun. (The fact I brought sandals a couple of weeks ago is ridiculously premature, especially as I never leave home without at least one pair of tights on... but they are so lush!) My defense against the chill (without resorting to chunky knit jumpers that quite frankly leave me looking like The Bulk) is to layer up as many vests, long sleeves, t-shirts and fine knit cardies as I reasonably can, not to forget the tights/leggings/socks/leg warmers/boots combo- trying to keep warm and semi-stylish is enough of a challenge without attempting 'sexy' too! In "pash moments" it almosts becomes comical when layer upon layer is strewn off still without success of discovering a flash of bra. However! In the coming months there will be no problem discovering the fanciful item- in fact you won't be able to miss it, and that is so the point. I am willing for the weather change so I can wear a girly bra top with a boyfriend blazer, alla Berardi, to achieve the fashion irony that tickles me so.



  1. Love layering to keep warm and love the underwear styles for the spring. Until spring arrives could try wearing the undies over the clothes for a different layered look!

  2. this is cool

  3. LOVe this :)
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