Tuesday, 9 February 2010


3D technology has quickly moved beyond the darkness of the cinema screens, (despite still seeming like a novelty to me!) and has acquired the backing of fashion giant, Burberry. Formidably bolstered by flourishing sales, the British fashion house has taken the groundbreaking initiative to stream its AutumnWinter10 collection, showing shortly at London Fashion Week, live at selected events in New York, Paris, Dubai, Tokyo and Los Angeles. This incredible news seems advanced to a tech-novice such as myself, but unquestionably incites absolute excitement about the potential of fashion's future. I came across this editorial, which would have blown me away simply for the phenomenal styling and electric hues without the incredible 3D angle. If this is the way magazines are headed, let's hope Burberry reproduce 3D glasses laced with their supreme style.
TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE HEART, photography by Baldovino Barani, styled by Winston J.Dean for ARCHETYPE X magazine.

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  1. Love Love Love 3D!!!

    I got a stcack of 3d specs from sainsburys when channel 4 were doing a 3d promotion late last year (showed 3d movie of queens coronation etc)

    Lucky I had them handy so I could take advantage of this 3d experience!

    Love 3D!