Wednesday, 20 May 2009

PEEK: Interview with Caroline Baker

Caroline Baker is an innovative stylist who began her career at revolutionary magazine NOVA in the 60s. She has since brought her vision to i-D (including the first ever issue!), Elle, Cosmo and The Sunday Times among others. She is now fashion director at YOU magazine.


How did you go about making your pages at NOVA different?
My brief was to be different in my approach to fashion coverage. My style became known as STEET STYLE reflecting the fashions on the people rather than from the Paris couturiers was my approach to styling- I was a little feminist in my beliefs and wanted to change the way women dressed- to dress for themselves and not just as female dolls for men- I was fascinated by menswear- how practical it was, all those pockets and draping instead of body hugging stuff- army uniforms were amazing designs so easy and so comfortable- the fact it didn’t fit properly was the appeal... I loved the way ballerinas dressed especially when they were rehearsing and so introduced leg warmers into the fashion arena. Sports and outdoor clothing was another source of ideas and then underwear as outerwear... Later I was to discover the power of the fashion media when ideas I had styled on my pages then became fashions on the catwalks and went on to become ordinary everyday wear we still use today. 

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