Sunday, 17 May 2009


I have finished the magazine!

A lot more expensive than I had realised though, which is a bit of a nuisance. Thank you so much to everyone who left comments and advice, every word was appreciated.

I now need to decide the future of this blog...


  1. Hey! well done!
    What did your retail price end up as?

    You are most welcome to every word of my comments (I don't want to boast but that's probably more words than anyone else ;-)
    It would be a pity if this was the end of your blogging career - but hopefully you'll be very busily and gainfully employed in the near future ;-)

  2. You have been a big help, so thanks again ; )

    I am paying about £38 for each copy, and am having 15 printed... not sure how the retail price works out in regards to that though!

    I may continue blogging, I'll just have to find a new angle I guess!

  3. How about this angle: "OMG this is the worst time in history to try and be a fashion/feminism journalist!"
    What do you want to do after you graduate?

  4. Woah £38! A lot of money. So how much will you be charging? cause I really want to buy a copy

  5. I'm not sure 'darling! There will be an exhibition at uni in a few weeks for Press, and so will have to see the reaction to it- I do not expect to make a profit, but if I can break-even that would be great.I am only getting 15 printed as I mentioned, less than I originally planned due to finances, and many have been promised to mag contributors. If I have a few spares I will happily send you a copy at a reasonable price!

    Hey David, after I graduate I want a holiday! In terms of work... Perhaps fashion production or marketing, something a bit stable and write freelance in my spare time. The blog may become my visual diary!?!