Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Slowly but Surely...

We're getting there... well I am! I have just proof-read everything, which I thought would be hard because I've looked at each page for too many hours to mention, but the content is actually quite interesting! No slaps on the back here, I put that down to the amazing contributors I bribed to to take part (only joking! :) I have changed the cover again- image, font size, colour and all- I hope I'll be happy with it when i have had time to re-charge my eyes and mind. I am keeping it under wraps for a few days yet! But here is the image I have chosen to be on my contact postcard... not that fascinating, I guess you've all probably seen it all before! haha...


  1. It's a nice picture choice. Love the tattoo as well, never noticed it before, but it's pretty =.]

  2. Like the picture - awaiting my brown envelope bribe by return of post ;-)

    Where is the image from?

  3. It's from a photo shoot I did a few weeks ago... it's my fav image out of all the shoots that I have done, and funnily it consisted of only myself, my best friend taking the pics and this girl- who had never even modeled before!