Wednesday, 15 April 2009

London & I

I love being out and about in London when the sun is shining... everything seems to have been happily tweaked with the enhance button! In my wanders, which took me from uni on Charing Cross road, to an interview with Camilla Johnson-Hill (who is the nicest, most loveliest person! Will risk sounding really lame and call her an absolute inspiration... I can't believe I have managed to get such great interviews in the mag!) based in Soho. I continued down through Carnaby st where I spotted the girl below... classic case of 'it shouldn't work but it does!' She'll go on a street trend page, (all good mags have 'em, right!) I'm seeing a lot denim jackets and shirts- I have already claimed my lil brother's one as my own! loving the shrunken look.

I then went to Victoria to meet a photographer, Shaun Yim, to discuss working on a shoot together in the next couple of weeks based on the 'what's underneath...' post below. After this I went for a stroll behind the hustle and bustle of the station, mainly to stop tripping over the many suitcases, and found Elizabeth st, which was extremely pretty. I also spotted The Chocolate Society opposite this flower shop below that I must visit.

Well after all that walking I retired to Clapham Common for a drink and a gossip in the fading sun...
Before scooting to Notting Hill... Oh how I would love to live in a turquoise house!

me, me, me... sorry.