Thursday, 2 April 2009

another great cover!

This is a pretty old issue of Paper (a great name too), and although not a great fan of la lohan, one of my favourite magazine covers! Of course it has a lot to do with the handwritten font, something I adore but have yet to really work into in the mock-up layouts I have already done, surprisingly. And if we are to analyse why I like this cover even further I think the neutral tones against the white text has a lot to do with it. It's not something you see often I believe. Also the combination of, is it 7 different font types!? (ok, sounding slightly geeky, when simply I should just say LOVE IT.) But that many font types means a very experienced, confident and talented person created this. And it shows.
(very quickly, this was suppose to be short) And the red lips just make it pop!


  1. Yay! Martin McDonagh!

    Is it just me or does Lindsay look kind of Barbie Doll in this shot? The big blue eyes, the big blond hair...

    And btw - I would very much like a copy of "Know," and where are you having the launch party?

  2. really can't think that far ahead! I think there will be a launch party that covers the 13 people on my course, prob in east london.

    i think Lindsey looks great, and not obviously airbrushed which is always a good thing...

  3. Totally agree on the handwritten font factor - gives it a real personal touch!

    Lohan grabs covers too - however much people may hate her, she is the one everyone wants to know about!


  4. nice cover!!