Monday, 30 March 2009


I thought that I would update all on the direction that the magazine is taking. It is no longer carrying the label of 'feminist' magazine. I think it pigeon-holed me a bit, everything was too close and revolved around issues! So I have taken a step back and looking at the magazine as a celebration of women... that phrasing definitely needs re-working but, you know!
I want the magazine to do two things:
Inform. When i was fifteen or sixteen, fashion pretty much meant being a designer. I didn't know all the many different options available within the sphere. And so I have been trying to get in contact with as many women within fashion who do things other than design womenswear clothing... so producer, shoe designer, editor, make-up artist, set-designer, illustrator... In fact Sophie Stephens who is a fashion illustrator has completed the most wonderful q&a for me! She's a star, check out her website:
By featuring all these lovely creative women in the magazine, the second thing I want to do is Inspire. Which I hope I will do.
This first issue will carry a feminism theme, I hope the magazine's legacy will be to make being a feminist a cool and proud thing for young girls to be!

T-shirt by House of Holland, Illustration by Sophie Stephens


  1. Is that THE Know magazine on Sophie Stephens website? Pretty fricken kewel ;-)

    I think it's fair enough if you don't want to have to deal with the baggage of the "feminism" label, I assume you'll want to keep the feminist sensibility.

    Plus it would give retailers less of a problem in thinking of where to place it - it's just a shame that 'Know' wont be stacked next to the theoretical journals...

    Actually that's a point I've heard people talk about - the placing of "Womens interest" magazines in a block, and keeping more serious magazines like The Economist, New Scientist, Spectator and the book reviews on one side...

  2. I want to buy it. Nice. Thanks. x

  3. Love this cant beat her!

    Love the blog and would love it if you could check out mine.