Thursday, 12 March 2009

Splodges and Spills

I have to start thinking properly about layout and style. I am drawn to paint effects, handwriting, tears and wears. I want the magazine to look tactile, (and of course be tactile) with depth. Almost like a sketchbook feel, but done in a clean, sophisticated way. I guess to put it in a word, personal.
Here are some inspirational images taken from some of the magazines in the csm library, I think these are a mix of I.D and Rubbish...


  1. "everything was different before it changed" - I like that one...

    The thing to do of course it to think of how to exploit the different look and feel of a printed magazine, making it different from looking at a computer screen, which is how most people get consume their media diet nowadays - Lot's of big photographic spreads, really nice paper, all that stuff...

  2. i really like the idea, handwritings, sketches, lines on the papers, and the post it, i think they really give the magazine more depth. Go for it.
    anything you want me to help on the layout?