Sunday, 22 March 2009

Layout Inspirations

A huge issue that I am having, and did not even expect, is the laying out of the magazine... And it seems so easy! I am struggling to give the mag a strong visual identity, and that is what it is craving! I have worked so hard to get strong, interesting content, I need a look that will do the content justice. And so, as well as finishing the few interview questions that I have to prepare, and finishing a couple more written features, the layout is something that I have to seriously take into consideration, and in effect spend a couple of weeks on! gah,,, so so much to do!!! Anyone in London willing with knowledge to help out- please please do so!

images from Nylon & Lula, among others


  1. I am obsessed with magazine layouts too! I feel like I'm reading crap when the layout is amateur, but when it's carefully done and the text wrap and pictures all fit perfectly, THEN i feel like i'm reading something good :)
    that Tough Love spread is amazing

  2. ooh even more pressure! ;)

    thanks for the comment ellevictoire, I feel the same!