Thursday, 26 February 2009

Girls on Trains

Photography by Steven Meisel:

I smiled when I came across this editorial... I have been pitching a "Girls on Trains" beauty shoot earlier this week to those I am working with, and like many of my ideas, I was met with curious frowns. Well check it out, even legendary Meisel has got his hands dirty on public transport! =)
The shoot I want to to is more young and playful though, the girls here are evidently not impressed at being on the underground!


  1. I fear I may not be as l33t as you give me credit for - I just googled hit counter and picked the first one I saw. The one I use provided by an outfit called

    Pretty simple - just register and they give you the code - all you need to do then is add a 3rd party html gadget from the blogger layout gadgets menu and save.

    I recommend the unique hits count - otherwise you'll inflate your hits with constant neurotic page refreshing while waiting for new comments - if your like me that is ;-)

    What think you to the new google friend connect?

    Girls on trains is a good theme - but I think it would be better done in a more naturalistic style - with a theme like that the message should be: "this is a look you can use every day and still look good." Clothes and models should have a more professional "safe for work" look than that.

  2. Yeah, there will be a more natural vibe... almost like following a couple of friends for a day, from work look to party.

    I now have a hit count to obsess over, how jovial! thanks for the help...