Monday, 2 February 2009

Flip Yeah!

This may come across as gimmicky, but I know it would also be ridiculously... almost went for 'cool' then, but will opt for 'fun'! A flip-book photoshoot!? Soo good! =) I went to see My Bloody Valentine last week and became obsessed with the idea of a 3D photoshoot, completely unrelated to anything I'm doing but a visual feast! Can you imagine Dame Edna-style 3D glasses??!! Ok, moving on from the 3D glasses before I convince myself that they would work... a flip-shoot, definitely something I will look into. H&M used this concept for a LookBook with Chloe Sevigny I believe . . . Check it out!

I am also debating: ..... The Perfect Cliche...... A Perfect Cliche..... or...... Perfect Cliche ........ ?


  1. I know, Hummingbird has definately become the new love of my life!

    I love going round the museums in South Ken, have you checked out the new jewellery room at the V&A recently? I went recently and just gorged on everything! Very excited about the forthcoming milinery events too...x

  2. Ps to add a blog, you need to go to 'customise' and 'configure blog list' then you simple add the blog address. x