Monday, 9 February 2009

Dear Diary...

Another super-rushed post! Running out to the printers and buying a guillotine earlier today I couldn't resist popping into a bargain bookstore, why I do not know- reading has become a luxury these days! But I spotted Dirty Blonde by Courtney Love, a collection of letters, images and personal diary entries from Ms Love (coolest name!).

I doubt that I will sit and read it front to back but the graphics, layouts, memoirs, paper quality, emotion, revelation, depth and history.... (i could go on, and i could have scanned every page), will keep me dipping in and out of it! However I am approaching a deadline and my semi-OCD-ness is making me post as I haven't missed a day since this journey began, so will keep this quick.... Ms Love, for the bargain of £3.99:

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